Regina Chulam

Regina was born in Espírito Santo and lives and works in this state. She is an artist that paints nature in a poetic language, portraying seas, mountains and agaves. She also uses the free realism to put in her paintings people that she sees everyday.

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The artist lived and worked for 30 years in Lisbon, where she was part of the city’s art scene, with individual and collective exhibitions in galleries and institutions. She never lost her connection with Brazil, moving back to the country in 2003, where she kept her artistic way. Her work can be seen in collections in Vitoria, in exhibitions in art museums in Espírito Santo and new acquisitions of Gilberto Chateambriand Museu de Arte Moderna. Her last exhibition called “Regina Chulam Desenhos e Pinturas” took place in Museu Vale, in celebration of its 15 years of activities.