Ana Ruas

Lives and works in Campo Grande, MS since 1996. Artist represented by Via Thorey Galery, Vitória, ES

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Artist awarded with the PIPA Award – Popular Vote 2015. Nominated for the PIPA Award in 2018. Awarded the FUNARTE Women in Visual Arts Award, 2013, with the Entre Various Looks project: from Painting to Intervention. Ana Ruas has as research in her interventions, in a conceptual repertoire, the space, inhabited place and the light of the Midwest. The desire to intervene leads the artist to create ephemeral architectures, capable of imprinting a character of illusion and magic. The paintings show how it is possible to create new sensations and, therefore, new meanings to space. He uses painting as language, sometimes using canvas, sometimes using masonry in his interventions in indoor environments, such as museums and galleries, as well as the surface of overpasses, walls and walls. In her large canvas paintings, since 2016, the artist researches the gesture and spontaneity of the trait in children’s drawing, emerging from these observations and with the co-participation of children, the series “Enchanted Forest”. Interventions include: Window, Biennial Del Fin del Mundo, Mar del Plata, Argentina; facade of the MACP – Museum of Art and Popular Culture, Cuiabá, MT, in 2014; Of art and place, Pinacoteca de Maceió, in 2009; Balusters, MARCO, Museum of Contemporary Art of MS, in 2004. Among the projects made possible by Incentive Laws are: The Color of the Streets (State and Rouanet Incentive Law) 2001/2004; Image Reading (FIC), 2008; Educating the Look, Cycle of Lectures and Workshops (FIC), 2013. Visual Arts in MS – Shared Processes (FIC), 2014; Open Field for Visual Arts in MS (FIC) 2017. Among the group exhibitions are: 2018, SCAPELAND – Free Territory, curated by Laerte Ramos, Marta Traba Gallery, Latin America Memorial, São Paulo, SP; 2018, Dialects 2, curated by Paulo Henrique Silva, CCSP, São Paulo and MAPA, Anápolis Museum of Plastic Arts; in 2011 Dialects, Frei Confaloni Art Gallery. Goiânia, GO Dialects, Antonio Sibasolly Gallery, Anápolis, GO Dialects, MARCO Campo Grande, MS; Contemporary Art Projectiles RJ, 2005 Individual exhibitions include: in 2018, Enchanted Forest, Galeria Via Thorey, ES; in 2017, Enchanted Forest, MS Museum of Contemporary Art, Campo Grande, MS; in 2016, Strategies for measuring delicacy and affection, Galeria Andrea Rehder, São Paulo / SP; in 2014, Plan B, MARCO, MS; in 2010, Vertical Constructions, MARCO, MS; in 2008, Once Upon a Time, MARCO – MS Museum of Contemporary Art, Campo Grande, MS; in 2009 Art and place, Intervention, UFAL Pinacoteca, Maceió, AL. In 2011, it built a workshop open to the public, where it invites, gathers and hosts curators, artists and other professionals, thus provoking exchanges about contemporary art and transdisciplinary subjects. Receives schools and develops educational activities.