Camila Iampolsky

Born in 1982 in the capital of São Paulo, from an early age she showed interest in the arts especially for drawing and painting.

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He graduated from the College of Architecture and Urbanism at Mackenzie, graduating in 2007 and majored in Film and Animation at Melies in 2008 to further his knowledge of art and 3d illustration techniques. In his professional work he worked in several artistic sectors that contributed to his training in design and art. Worked in artistic creation in the production company 3d Tribbo post where he participated in the creative process of animated series for television that contributed significantly to his knowledge in digital techniques.

Enthusiastic and studious of concretism seeks in contemporary times a way of revitalizing it. Obsessed with geometric shapes created the digital art project The Color Geometry. The project seeks through pure forms to create new geometries as well as explore the use of 3D. For the project he sought to study pure geometry as an art form and in parallel to that explore colors and lines to provoke feelings and above all the continuous search for precision does not need the form.