Cristhina Bastos

Graduated in Painting from the School of Fine Arts of the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro and in Architecture, Graduate in Urbanism from the Federal University of Architecture of Rio de Janeiro, and Pedagogical Training from Faculdade J. Simões in Espírito Santo.

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With a multidisciplinary approach, it uses various artistic means to reflect on its poetic research, questions of identity, being in the world and social transformations through forms, symbols and signs that inhabit the psyche of the collective imagination. Currently his production seeks to build the discourse of these issues, through the poetics of the house, building cocoons on cocoons. Exhibitions: LIAMES with Kyria Oliveira, na 1a. Project Season of the MARCO Museum – Museum of Contemporary Art of Mato Grosso do Sul, Campo Grande – MS (2017); LIAMES with Kyria Oliveira, at Galeria de Arte Casarão, Viana – ES (2016); 11 Victory in Art, Casa Porto das Artes Plásticas and Sesc Glória, Vitória – ES (2015); Traces: Brazil-Africa, international exhibition of contemporary art, contemplated by the edict of the Lei Rubem Braga of the City Hall of Vitória – Museu Capixaba do Negro Verônica da Pás, Vitória – ES (2015); Estar, theme of the X Biennial of Contemporary Art of Mozambique EXPO-MUVART, at the Cultural Center Brazil-Mozambique, Maputo – MZ (2012); Single and Multiple, at the Cultural Center of UFMG, Belo Horizonte – MG (2009); How to live together in a real reality, theme of Biennale 3000 São Paulo, virtual show (2009); Single and Multiple, at the UFSC Art Gallery, Florianópolis – SC (2007); Compectus, Espírito Santo Art Museum, Vitória – ES (2006).