Valéria Weber

Natural of São Paulo, Brasil. Lives and works in São Paulo.

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Several courses such as Curatorship in Contemporary Art at Chelsea School of Arts / UAL London and History of Art / Oxford University, years of workshops with names like Paulo Pasta, Leda Catunda and Deborah Paiva. Valéria’s work begins with the gesture, marking on the screen a sudden and immediate course. Not instinctive, but conscious. This is only the beginning of the process in which the drawing plays the role of sketch and then structures itself into shapes. From then on, what matters is the serialized unfolding that the artist develops, increasing, reducing, erasing, and remaking forms. The exhibition “In Natura” was born from the research of his works. It is divided between works inspired by the low floors of Burle Marx and works that offer a vision inserted in the tropical vegetation. It is also an invitation to the contemplation of nature around us (the garden of all of us) and the valorization of our identity. Recent Exhibitions: Individual 2017 – “In Natura” – Cultural Space Paineiras do Morumbi, São Paulo, SP, Brazil Collective 2017 – “Space of the Eye” – Tomie Ohtake Institute, SP, Brazil 2016 – “Espaço do Olhar” – Tomie Ohtake Institute , Brazil 2016 – “Paeiras do Morumbi” Art Exhibition, SP, Brazil 2016 – “Olimpíadas” – Noble Hall Paineiras do Morumbi – SP, Brazil 2015 – Co-curator exhibition “Reciclar Institute 20 years” – Espaço Itaim , SP, Brazil 2013 – Curator exhibition – “Brazil am Main” – Galerie Rothamel – Frankfurt, Germany